Axis of rotation that you don't understand

Date: 2018-10-11

The rotary shaft is an important part that plays a key role in the whole. The rotary shaft and its accessories play an important role in the material of the whole set of products. It will directly affect the comprehensive quality of products and have a great impact on the normal use and service life of products. Can use bright clean agent wipe, can increase brightness, hinge, crane wheel, castor and other moving parts in a long time may be because of the dust adhesion and reduce performance, every half a year or so point one, two drops of oil can maintain its smooth.

In fact, one of the key factors influencing user experience is the screen opening Angle. It can be said that the larger the opening Angle of the laptop, the better the experience. General laptop rotation of the large opening Angle is 130 °, and we use the laptop there will always be a number of different ways. At this time, if a larger Angle of opening and closing is needed, such shaft design will definitely affect the user's experience. So many appeared on the market opening and closing Angle 180 ° of notebook computer.

But it is not enough, the recent appeared a lot of rotating shaft can be 360 ° FRP laptop, this design will make the use of user is varied. Such as notebook computer in a smaller space can be convenient to stand up to watch, also can turn 360 ° directly into a touch-screen tablet computer easy to use, such as innovative design can greatly enhance the playability of notebook computer.